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Family Kids & Youth – Market Research and Consultancy

Family Kids & Youth is a leading global research agency that focuses entirely on the lives of children and young people, their parents, carers, and teachers. We particularly specialise in research and consultancy on digital media, play, children’s wellbeing and the developmental stages of children and adolescents.

MRS Evidence Matters Company Partner logoThe research team has postgraduate qualifications in psychology, child development and sociology from some of the top universities. We work with fmcg, technology, retail and media companies, as well as government departments and universities. We regularly hold workshops for clients across the world and provide robust ad hoc quantitative and qualitative research and literature reviews. Our clients appreciate the informed insight we bring to projects and our skill in communicating research findings in clear and creative ways.

Much of our work is international, and in the last 4 years we’ve carried out international work for Nike, Warner Media, and IKEA. We have worked regularly with IKEA for the last 10 years, and run the IKEA Children’s Advisory Panel in China, Germany and the UK with 6–14-year-olds. 

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FKY News

New study links mother’s early trauma to child’s behaviour

Recent findings from the University of Oregon, USA, have discovered that children’s behaviour can be directly linked to their mother’s early trauma. This may also be the case with children who were not raised by their biological parents and were adopted at birth, and adoptees, whose birth-mother experienced a traumatic childhood. The research team, led by Leslie Leve, a professor in the UO College of Education, and a scientist with the Prevention Science Institute, found a link between birth mothers who had experienced stressful childhood events, “We can’t always prevent bad things from happening to young children…but we can provide behavioural health supports to individuals who have been exposed to childhood trauma or neglect”. Considered to be the only study of its kind, over 500 adopted children and their families were tracked for ten years. Many of the birth mothers had significant adverse childhood experiences such as abuse, neglect, violence or poverty. In turn, their children often showed signs of ‘effortful control’ at age 7 and ‘externalising behaviour’ at age 11. More information on the study can be found here.

Sibling birth order and behaviour

Previous research looking at the sibling dynamic has shown how influential having a brother or sister can be throughout one’s lifetime. Characteristics such as delinquency, educational attainment, and emotional regulation can be attributed to the sibling relationship – all features that are explored in a new body of research. Published for the journal Child Development, a team from several prominent universities in the United Kingdom used longitudinal data from the Millennium Cohort Study to determine how influential birth order can be on child behaviour. In total,18,552 children from England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland make up the cohort – 70.2% of which live in families with 2-3 children. To understand the dynamic between the youngest and oldest siblings at different ages in middle childhood, researchers measured both problem and prosocial behaviour using the ‘Strengths and Difficulties’ Questionnaire in two different waves. Twenty-five questions reported in the form of a Likert scale were used, of which five subscales emerged: emotional problems, peer problems, conduct problems, hyperactivity, and prosocial behaviour. Results found that when families had two children, the oldest presented “greater within-person stability”, meaning their behaviour was less flexible or receptive to intervention over time. Families with three siblings found “there were differences between siblings in the stability of problems but not prosocial behaviour”, indicating that more siblings may lead to higher levels of equality amongst the group. For more information, click here.

IKEA Play Report

We have run many research projects for IKEA, including the IKEA Play Report, thought to be the world's largest research study on child development, parenting, family life and the importance of play.

Download here

Expertise and Experience

An area we have particular expertise in is mental health and wellbeing. We are currently working with charities CoppaFeel! and Teenage Cancer Trust. We worked with the DfE to look at learners aged 16-19 and the effect of Coronavirus on their wellbeing. The report can be found here.

We carried out extensive research with 7–21-year-olds ‘The Real Britain: Youth’ on behalf of OMD and News International looking at every aspect of young people’s lives, including SEND, those with English as a second language, and young people from deprived areas of the UK. Other recent work includes research across the UK on behalf of UK communications regulator Ofcom, looking at children’s behaviour online. 

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