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Family Kids and Youth carried out its 3rd annual wave of ‘Wellbeing and the Internet’ study in Summer 2020. The study gives a fascinating insight into how 7-16 year olds in the UK coped with being separated from friends and family members, and with not being at school. The research looks at what children and young people are doing online, who they are speaking to and their wellbeing. The findings show that worries have reduced overall compared to last year; 7-10 year olds and 11-13 year olds were less worried about school work and test/exams than in previous years. Arguments with other people also became less of a concern. However, young people are more worried by stories in the news than they have been in previous years, emphasising the impact of the pandemic on young people. The proportion of young people who said they were ‘addicted’ to gaming has increased significantly over the last year, with half of boys now reporting being ‘addicted’. While many enjoyed spending more time with their family, most missed face-to-face contact with friends.  For more information please contact or

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