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In partnership with LEGO Ventures, CoC Playful Minds has launched a global design challenge for entrepreneurs within the market of play and playful learning. The ‘Future Play Design Challenge’ aims to encourage and inspire entrepreneurs to practice ethical co-creation with children and involve them in design activities. In 2021, the theme is social digital play – a highly topical theme at a time when much of children’s social life and play must take place digitally. The mission is to create a global playground where entrepreneurs and businesses can develop and improve ethical practices for involving children and young people in the co-creation of products and services. The vision is to pave the way for a future where children and young people are respected as competent citizens and are involved in innovating and co-creating their own world in collaboration with businesses. All applicants for the Future Play Design Challenge will be assessed by acknowledged industry and research professionals within playful learning, children’s development, and understanding of children and youth as consumers within innovation and marketing, as well as a youth jury to ensure the co-creation strategies are ethical and meaningful. The winner will receive a 6-months’ customised mentorship with CoC Playful Minds and LEGO Ventures, who will help the winner build competences and mature their concept. Learn more here.

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