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Researchers from King’s College London have recently published findings on smartphone addiction amongst students. Focusing on the habits of 1,043 participants between ages 18 and 30, results show how phone use before bed can be a big indicator of who displays addictive tendencies and who does not. 42% of participants who used their phones before bed are said to display signs of addiction, compared to 23.8% of participants who refrained from such use 60 minutes or more before sleeping. Younger students are most likely to be addicted as well, with 42.2% of under 21s falling into this category. This 14% higher than those over the age of 26. Nevertheless, a strong dependency on one’s smartphone can wreak havoc on a person’s sleep routine and mental health. Since 68.7% of those in the study had difficulty resting at night, Dr Bernadka Dubicka of Royal College of Psychiatrists says routine is key to having a good night’s rest. She advises people to refrain from using their phones right before bed and to charge it in another room, making you less inclined to use it when you should be resting.

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