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Scotland will soon become the first devolved nation in the UK to incorporate the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) directly into domestic law. Members of Scottish Parliament voted unanimously to pass the Bill, which will take six months to become law, as of Royal Assent. The passing of this Bill makes Scotland part of a very exclusive number of nations that have also incorporated the UNCRC into law such as Norway, Belgium, and Finland. By including the UNCRC into Scots law it gives children, young people and their representatives the right to go to court to enforce their rights, requires ministers to report yearly on a Children’s Rights Scheme which they will need to produce and comply with, as well as giving power to the Children’s Commissioner to take legal action in regards to children’s rights. According to Deputy First Minister John Sweeny “The Bill will deliver the highest protection possible for children’s rights across Scotland within the powers of this Parliament”. Read more here.

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