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Cannes in October is not to be missed. Speaking about our Digital Kids and Youth Research (see here) this month at MIP Junior prompted much discussion about the nature of children’s engagement with digital content. It can be complex. Like many adults, children expect to be entertained through their digital device, but they also view it, or them (for many have more than one means of connecting to the internet) as an extension of their friendship network, even as young as seven. For example we have found that 28% of 7-10 year olds and 68% of 10-13 year olds are using Facebook, often set up by a parent or older sibling to prompt and maintain family connections. However we have also discovered that a substantial number of early adolescents (especially 11 plus) have a second account, one that family do not know about, thus maintaining their privacy and being accessible to friends only. The number of children aged 7-16 now using a smartphone, tablet or iPod touch has reached 6 out of 10, and 8 out of 10 are downloading apps. Our research has shown that it is not the case that children use digital devices only for entertainment. Many also expect to use their device for information and for homework, and to create their own content. Witnessing children using apps for their own entertainment, to share with friends, and to create school work opens up new opportunity to inspire children’s natural ability to be creative and to be autonomous.

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