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FK&Y publishes its research for the Royal Foundation’s Cyberbullying Taskforce

Research carried out by FK&Y for the Cyberbullying Taskforce illustrates what steps children and young people would like industry, parents and schools to take to prevent cyberbullying taking place.

Cyberbullying can impact the mental health of children and young people. The Cyberbullying Taskforce was set up by the Duke of Cambridge and the Royal Foundation in May 2016, bringing together industry and experts to develop a single up-to-date resource providing practical support, advice and information for those affected by cyberbullying.

A key finding is that not all young people recognise cyberbullying. Whilst over half (55%) reported experiencing something online that had upset or really hurt them, nearly two-thirds of these young people (65%) did not define these experiences as cyberbullying. Young people’s negative experiences online are frequent and recurrent – particularly amongst girls.
Download the qualitative research here.
Download the quantitative research here.

Egmont’s Print Matters More research praised as ‘inspirational’

Research carried out by FK&Y for Egmont Publishing, in collaboration with Foyles Bookshops in the UK, has received much praise, including from children’s author Michael Morpurgo.

Egmont has published a summary of findings from the research, which was an intervention with 15 families with children aged 7-9, all of whom, like many families, were reluctant readers in some way, either because children were disengaged, or because parents were time poor. Many parents were no longer reading with their children.

Using an ethnographic methodology, families were observed over the summer holidays, with FK&Y researchers visiting and filming in-home. During this time families were given a weekly £10 voucher to spend at their local Foyles Bookshop in Bristol, Birmingham and Stratford East. By the end of the holidays, children and parents had found a real connection with reading, and with visiting the book shop where staff were friendly and welcoming. Following the summer holiday intervention, families were interviewed again in October (half term) and early January this year.

The programme has had a profound impact on relationships between parent and child; spending quality time reading together created a deep emotional connection. Despite having felt some initial trepidation, the families loved taking part, visiting the bookshop, and finding a new enjoyment in the process of reading. Children’s confidence in reading grew and parents too were reminded of the joy of reading.

Children’s author Michael Morpurgo commented

‘Print Matters More is such a vitally important initiative’.

Joy Court, Chair of CILIP Carnegie & Kate Greenaway Medals added

‘Egmont’s Print Matters More research is really important. In depth research with real families with children struggling to read. The impact of the intervention not just on the reading but on the quality of family relationships is moving and inspirational. There is much that policy makers concerned with reading and literacy should learn from this.’

Relationships Alliance Network discusses FK&Y’s ‘Helping Parents to Parent’ report

FK&Y’s Dr Barbie Clarke, Fatima Younas and George Hanks presented their ‘Helping Parents to Parent’ report for the Social Mobility Commission to the Relationships Alliance Network today. They discussed their findings with the group that represents the relationship support sector and considered the role of parental and relationship support for social mobility and children’s outcomes.

The Relationships Alliance Network, is a collection of 35 third sector organisations who believe in supporting relationships in various ways including counselling, education for young people, family support, marriage prep, support for families of offenders, child contact centres and mediation. It meets regularly to build a movement around supporting good quality relationships to share learning and good practice, facilitate better cross-sector understanding and relationships across organisations, and work together to influence family and relationships policy.

The network includes Relate, Marriage Care, OnePlusOne and the Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships (TCCR).

The FK&Y Pedagogy Group spring review

The FK&Y Pedagogy Group met in Marylebone today to consider progress and provide an expert peer review on our latest projects.

The group considered the way in which our research in Asia can best be developed, the medium term results from a summer reading challenge for a publishing company and an update on our work on Cyberbullying for The Royal Foundation. The group also heard about our project on factors influencing children’s in-store decision making, wildlife education in primary schools and magazine readership across varied worldwide audiences.

The group meets three times a year and includes Professor Colleen Mcloughlin (University of Cambridge), Professor David Buckingham (Emeritus Professor at the University of Loughborough), Duncan Mackrill (University of Sussex), Simon Mason (Headteacher, Honywood School) and Rachel McGowan (Headteacher, Plashet School).

FK&Y’s report ‘Helping Parents to Parent’ written on behalf of the Social Mobility Commission is published today

The report considers effective interventions that can produce the most effective outcomes for all families. It assesses evidence on parenting behaviours and the extent to which public policy can support parents.

Dr Barbie Clarke commented ‘Our research shows that public policy can have a real impact on parenting behaviours and achieve positive outcomes for children. Intervention can develop parental management skills and confidence, build healthy family relationships and enhance children’s social, behavioural and cognitive development and wellbeing.

‘Highly trained and skilled practitioners, such as nurses, social workers and teachers, are crucial to their successful delivery. Programmes also need to be universal, but targeted, to reduce stigma and encourage parents to take part.’

One of the report’s key findings is that there is currently a lack of long-term evidence and studies about what parenting interventions work best.

More information can be found here and the full report can be read here.

Dr Barbie Clarke presents research on reading print versus digital at Ofcom conference

Dr Barbie Clarke of FK&Y and Alison David of Egmont Publishing addressed the Ofcom Children’s Media Literacy Stakeholder Event today on research carried out for Egmont exploring the way in which parents and children respond to reading in print versus on digital devices. Using focus groups, ethnography carried out in homes and Galvanic skin response the research has identified the emotional drivers for parents and children when reading and how these differ between print and digital. The research also examines what occurs when children are read to, and the effect on their wellbeing.


The FK&Y Pedagogy Group meets for autumn review

The FK&Y Pedagogy Group met in Marylebone today to review work undertaken over a very busy summer.

The group was given feedback on our work on Cyberbullying for The Royal Foundation and a literature review on engaging with 16-24 years olds for the Money Advice Service that was published at the beginning of September. The group reviewed our exciting ongoing projects across a wide range of research areas including in-store experiences carried out with children globally, transition to secondary school, wildlife education in primary schools and ways to address the summer reading dip.

The group meets three times a year and includes Professor Colleen Mcloughlin (University of Cambridge), Professor David Buckingham (University of Loughborough), Duncan Mackrill (University of Sussex), Simon Mason (Headteacher, Honywood School) and Rachel McGowan (Headteacher, Plashet School).



Dr Barbie Clarke presenting FK&Y’s recent work on cyberbullying

Over the summer our fantastic team has been carrying out workshops with over 100 children aged 12-14 to discuss cyberbullying. The work has been commissioned by the Royal Foundation which launched the Cyberbullying Taskforce in May. Today Dr Barbie Clarke presented results to the taskforce, illustrating the many ideas children had for tackling cyberbullying.

Royal Foundation Cyberbullying Taskforce Kensington
FK&Y’s Dr Barbie Clarke presenting results to the Taskforce including HRH the Duke of Cambridge, and heads of social media and ISP companies.
The Royal Foundation Taskforce on the Prevention of Cyberbullying

Engaging with 16-24 year olds: The Money Advice Service today publishes FK&Y’s literature review on working with young people

In the summer of 2016 Family Kids & Youth was commissioned by The Money Advice Service to undertake a literature review to analyse the relative strengths of different engagement techniques and methodologies with this hard to reach group. FK&Y analysed 30 reports, reviews and sources and found common themes emerging from successful campaigns.

The key findings of the extensive review found that approaches need to be personalised and holistic, co-creation was effective (both near-to-peer and peer-to-peer), online campaigns on multiple platforms work as do approaches via family, especially those with an appreciation of lifestyle and attitudes and those that highlight short term consequences and non-ethical behaviour. Approaches that were less successful include prescriptive campaigns that emphasise abstinence and zero tolerance.

The report can be found here.


Children’s Media Conference

Children’s Media Conference
FK&Y’s Sheyi Ogunshakin and Anna Livingstone presenting at the CMC.

Family Kids & Youth has been presenting at the Children’s Media Conference in Sheffield this week. Alison David from Egmont Publishing and FK&Y’s Dr Barbie Clarke presented on Thursday, and Sheyi Ogunshakin and Anna Livingstone presented today. The research session ‘Do Children Still Like Reading?’ was based on our work with parents and children for Egmont Publishing comparing digital reading and print reading. The sessions can be viewed here.

Also speaking at the conference today, Barbie Clarke presented a session on Mindfulness and Children. Her article on the subject can be found in the Children’s Media Yearbook.

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