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Research on volunteering presented at the House of Commons

FK&Y’s research for Youth United and the Cabinet Office measuring the outcome of volunteering for young people was presented last night at the House of Commons at an event organised by Step Up To Serve #YSAMatters, Generation Change and Youth United. FK&Y has been delighted to work over the past year with Youth United and the inspiring leaders and young volunteers taking part in the Journey Fund Project which included Girlguiding, Scouts, Girls Brigade, Boys Brigade, Sea Cadets, Volunteer Police Cadets, St John Ambulance and Fire Cadets. The control study found that as a result of taking part in the project many found it a life-changing experience with 86% agreeing ‘I have established goals and plans for the future’ and 85% agreeing ‘I am more likely to volunteer in the future’. Our infographics of the research findings can be found here.

Transforming Learning research published

Our new research, Transforming Learning, has been released today by education charity Techknowledge for Schools. The research includes two detailed reports that look at pupils’ and teachers’ view of using mobile devices in teaching and learning. Using ethnography, FK&Y’s researchers observed lessons and carried out interviews with pupils and teachers. The reports are accompanied by four short films illustrating some of the main points to emerge from the research and the findings can be found here. The charity has recently changed its name from Tablets for Schools and to accompany the rebrand has launched a new website on which can be found all the research FK&Y has carried out to date, including infographics, detailed reports and case studies. We are delighted to be working alongside Techknowledge for Schools and with the inspiring schools that take part in our research.

Family, Kids & Youth presenting at The Children’s Media Conference

Family, Kids and Youth is in Sheffield this week, presenting its research at The Children’s Media Conference. This year the conference has more than 1,000 international delegates and Family, Kids and Youth will be speaking on both Thursday and Friday. Based on FK&Y’s research for the IKEA Play Report and Techknowledge for Schools, Barbie and Siv will be discussing how children’s use of digital media has changed play. Learn more about the conference here and read our blog about play and digital media.

New IKEA Play Report from FK&Y

IKEA is shortly to release its new Play Report, which FK&Y was commissioned to carry out in 12 countries. For the previous Play Report (2010) we interviewed 7,933 parents and 3,101 children aged 7-12 in 25 countries. In this year’s report we increased the sample size to include 16,174 parents, 6,235 children aged 7-12 and 6,790 young people aged 13-18 and research was carried out in 12 countries including Russia, South Korea and China.

Top line findings were presented to the MRS Children’s Research Conference at the end of January and show conflicting needs with parents feeling bad about not spending enough time with their children. While 71% of all parents think that home should be a place for fun and play, 49% feel they don’t have enough time to play with their children. 73% of parents in the research say they would like to spend more time with their children and 49% feel guilty about not spending enough time with them, something echoed by their children with 51% of all children saying they would like to spend more time with their parents.

Barbie Clarke assists the MRS with guidelines for researching children

Barbie can be seen discussing the guidelines with fellow children’s research experts Richard Ellwood from Disney, Sarah Gale from Ipsos MORI and Damien Flannagan from DDF Research. The MRS has published these six short films to give an easily understood and digestible overview of the MRS Guidelines for Researching Children and Young People.

FK&Y’s independent Pedagogy Group for charity Techknowledge for Schools meets to discuss future research

FK&Y continues to carry out research for the newly named educational charity Techknowledge for Schools (formerly Tablets for Schools). To ensure our research remains independent and is peer reviewed, our independent Pedagogy Group, set up in 2013 by FK&Y, meets four times a year. The group peer reviews our research before it is published and advises on methodology and research questions. The group includes Professors of Education and Head Teachers.

FK&Y’s Transforming Learning Study Continues to Grow

This ethnographic research is looking at the way teaching and learning is changing through the use of 1:1 mobile devices. On behalf of educational charity Techknowledge for Schools, the research is assessing the adoption of ‘flipped learning’ and ‘challenge based learning’ in some classes and how this impacts on teachers and students. Running in three schools since September 2014, so far the project has carried out 21 hours of classroom ethnographic observation, 18 in-depth interviews with teachers and 18 in-depth interviews with students. Our ethnographer Heidi Hasbrouk and Project Research Manager Siv Svanaes have been working hard on analysing the results.
Early findings show that in lessons using new methods of teaching there appears to be an increase in collaborative learning, student satisfaction and an ability to work at a student’s own level of ability. There are however doubts expressed by some teachers who are reluctant to spend time learning how to utilise the mobile devices in their teaching when they feel they have so many other demands on their time. The research continues and will focus next on students’ experience of using mobile devices in learning. The ethnographic film footage will be edited to produce a short film demonstrating some of the key findings which will be available on the new Techknowledge for Schools website.

Research Impact Study

To measure the impact of Techknowledge for Schools’ research, FK&Y asked teachers in 40 of our 1:1 research schools for their views. Early results are positive. 6 out of 10 teachers tell us the research has had a Great or Moderate Impact on the way technology is used in their school, 83% want to see both full research reports and film and 92% rate the Techknowledge for Schools weekly newsletter as excellent or good. 75% rate their experience of taking part in the research as excellent or good (25% as neither good nor bad).

FK&Y’s research for Youth United

Youth United is a network of the UK’s largest and most established voluntary and volunteering youth organisations. Its vision is that every young person in the UK has the opportunity to be a member of one of its organisations. For the past year FK&Y has been working with the organisations, carrying out a randomised control study amongst volunteering participants and non-participants. Research has included pre and post-participation interviews, focus groups and case studies. Results will be analysed and a report will be written which will be presented to the Cabinet Office.

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