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A study by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) and the UCL Institute of Education has found that mothers are one and half times more likely to have left or lost their job or been furloughed than fathers. The research focused on opposite-gender, dual-parent households with dependent children in England, using data collected since the end of April. It found that amongst parents who are no longer in paid work, 16% of mothers have lost their job permanently, compared to 11% of fathers, and 34% of mothers have been furloughed compared to 30% of fathers. The study also revealed that women are more likely to spend time on household responsibilities than men, and mothers who are working are more likely to be interrupted by household and childcare responsibilities than fathers. Researchers warn that these factors are likely to increase gender inequalities between parents. Alison Andrew, a senior research economist at IFS, said: “Mothers are more likely than fathers to have moved out of paid work since the start of lockdown. They have reduced their working hours more than fathers even if they are still working and they experience more interruptions while they work from home than fathers, particularly due to caring for children. Together these factors mean that mothers now are only doing a third of the uninterrupted paid-work hours that fathers are. A risk is that the lockdown leads to a further increase in the gender wage gap.” Read more.

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