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FK&Y attends UNICEF conference on children’s rights in business

FK&Y’s Dr Barbie Clarke led a session at the UNICEF Children’s Rights in Business Conference held in London today looking at children’s rights in advertising and marketing. Many company partners attended, including LEGO, Millicom, Facebook and Microsoft as well as organisations including the Internet Watch Foundation and the Institute of Human Rights and Business. UNICEF has launched its guide to best practice for business with 3 objectives:
To CONNECT business, governments, academics, and experts in children’s rights and corporate sustainability
To INSPIRE awareness, action and innovation for children
To CREATE visibility and action for respect and support of children’s rights in the workplace, marketplace and community.

The guide can be downloaded here and more information about UNICEF’s initiative can be found here.

FK&Y speaks today at Commercialisation and Childhood: Resilience, Responsibility, and Media Literacy held by Policy UK

FK&Y’s Heidi Hasbrouck spoke today at a Policy UK conference about the way in which children and young people want support to use the internet responsibly and the way in which families feel digital is taking over family communication. Drawing on our research for the IKEA Play Report which interviewed nearly 30,000 parents, children and young people in 12 countries, Heidi, lead ethnographer at FK&Y, illustrated that two in five parents and young people in the UK would like to talk face to face as a family more.

The Play Report shows that 74% of parents and 38% of children in the UK think ‘there should be times at home when we don’t use our mobile devices’. It also demonstrated the amount of time families use their mobile devices instead of face to face communication. 24% of UK parents, 31% of 13-18 year olds and 13% of 7-12 year olds agree ‘Sometimes I only talk to my family at home through text messaging or social media’.

FK&Y’s research for Techknowledge for Schools meanwhile interviewed 7,443 students in secondary and primary schools last year and found that children and young people would like some form of regulation about their use of devices. For more detail of the research and the conference see our blog.

Teachers are positive about the use of technology in class but would like more training on using it effectively

FK&Y’s research published today by Techknowledge for Schools shows that while teachers are aware that technology is part of children’s lives and therefore should be used in their education, becoming sufficiently confident in using it to teach in class is another matter.
The majority of teachers believe using technology in class can have a positive impact on students’ ‘character skills’ including improving confidence and resilience. Two-thirds (66%) believe that one-to-one mobile technology benefits weaker students and those with special educational needs. And three in five teachers (61%) agree that the technology allows them to be better able to differentiate between students’ different learning needs, meaning they no longer have to ‘teach to the middle’.
However of the 361 teachers interviewed who are regularly using 1:1 devices in teaching and learning, many would like more time to learn how to teach with the devices effectively. Over half the teachers interviewed (52%) say they ‘would like to use mobile technology more but there are other tasks that take priority over learning how to do this.’ While more than two in five (43%) teachers say they ‘would like to use mobile technology more, but simply have not had enough time to learn how to do so’.
The research report and management summary can be downloaded here.

Global review of the use of technology in schools

FK&Y has completed a global literature review of the use of technology, particularly one-to-one devices, in schools. The research finds examples of some successful implementation but some less successful, reflecting our previous research which shows the importance of teacher engagement in using technology in teaching. The research has been carried out for the education charity Techknowledge for Schools and can be downloaded here.

IKEA’s Play Report 2015

IKEA’s latest Play Report is thought to be the world’s largest research study on child development, parenting, family life and the importance of play.

IKEA play reportFamily Kids & Youth designed and analysed the research together with the team from Children’s IKEA and follows the earlier report we carried out in 2010 in 24 countries. The 2015 report has involved interviewing over 16,000 parents, 6,000 7-12 year olds and nearly 7,000 13-18 year olds in 12 countries. Panel provider, Research Now, carried out the online fieldwork. The report provides insight into family life today and shows us that part of our job in creating a better everyday life at home should be to inspire and enable people to play more together.

Some of the key findings are:

  • Two in five parents and young people would like to spend more time talking face to face as a family.
  • A quarter (23%) of parents admit to sometimes only communicating with their immediate family while in the home through text message or social media.
  • The majority (63%) of young people aged 13-18 rate their family as being more important to them than friends.
  • Four-fifths (81%) of 7-12 year olds would prefer to play with friends than watch TV (19%).
  • Three out of five (60%) parents think that ‘everyone should spend more time playing and less time working’.


The full report, including results, charts and accompanying questions, can be downloaded here.


FK&Y present at Ofcom Conference on media use at home

Family Kids & Youth presented today at the Ofcom conference ‘Children and Parents: Media Use and Attitudes’. Siv Svanaes spoke about the impact of mobile devices on children’s school and home life, including the effect that excessive use of technology can have on family communication at home, and how this can be managed by parents and children.

New report gives fascinating insight into the use of mobile devices and eSafety

FK&Y has interviewed more than 7,000 students from 31 mobile-device using schools for the charity Techknowledge for Schools. The aim of the study was to understand young people’s use of these devices both at school and at home. As a result of the research, two A3 eSafety ‘Stay Safe Online!’ posters for schools and for pupils and a student charter (put together by students for students) have been included on the Techknowledge for Schools website.The management summary and full report can be found here.

FK&Y’s Pedagogy Group welcomes Baroness Sally Morgan

The Pedagogy Group, set up by FK&Y in 2013 on behalf of educational charity Techknowledge for Schools, met yesterday in Marylebone to discuss our latest research and the recent press coverage of the use of mobile technology in schools. The research, ‘Children’s use of mobile devices at school and at home’ will shortly be published on the charity’s website. Interviewing over 7,000 children and young people aged 7 to 18 across our panel of schools, the research found that young people who use mobile technology for learning in school every day believe they are more aware of using the internet safely and responsibly. While it can be a distraction at home, the majority of schools using mobile technology in teaching have an ‘acceptable use’ policy in place which young people respect. Yesterday the Pedagogy Group was pleased to welcome Baroness Sally Morgan, former chair of Ofsted, plus our newly extended group of 8 Head Teachers and Professors of Education at our meeting in Marylebone. Techknowledge for Schools was originally set up by DixonsCarphone. The body of research we have carried out for the charity will also be discussed at The Drum’s ‘Do It Day’ tomorrow, Thursday 24 September.

Three FK&Y Reports published in last month

The results of the IKEA Play Report 2015 were presented in Milan on 29 June by Dr Barbie Clarke at #IKEATemporary, the store set up for Expo Milano 2015. Research was carried out in 12 countries and interviews were carried out with over 29,000 parents, children and young people.

FK&Y’s research for Youth United and the Cabinet Office measuring behaviour change and the outcome of volunteering for young people was published on 13 July. The control study found that as a result of taking part in the project many found it a life-changing experience. The findings, including infographics, can be found here.

Our long term research for education charity Techknowledge for Schools has including qualitative and quantitative research. This month results from our ethnographic study Transforming Learning have been published, including ethnographic film that looks in-depth at the way technology is used in schools.

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