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CAP/ASA publish FK&Y’s review

FK&Y’s review of the digital marketing of food and beverage products to children carried out for The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)’s Committee of Advertising Practitioners (CAP) has been published this week. FK&Y was commissioned by CAP last year to review the literature on digital advertising and marketing to children and has written the review with Professor David Buckingham acting as consultant. In response to the review, CAP has advised marketers to ensure that all online marketing to children is clearly identifiable  and has announced that CAP will carry out a monitoring survey to ensure advertisers are in compliance with the codes of conduct.


BBC News featured our research on Tablets in education yesterday. BBC education correspondent Sean Coughlan interviewed FK&Y last week and yesterday published a summary of our research findings carried out for educational technology charity Tablets for Schools. The article comments on several of the fourteen studies carried out to date, such as recent research with 671 schools which found that 69% of secondary schools and 68% of primary schools are currently using Tablets in teaching and learning. Of these, 9% of schools are using one-to-one Tablets, meaning that each child has been given a personal device.

Report on ‘Advice to Others’

FK&Y’s report on ‘Advice to Others’: what advice would young people give to their peers to ensure they stay safe online’ carried out on behalf of Tablets for Schools is published today, 7 August.

Children and Gaming

Our paper on children’s attraction to gaming was presented at the Children’s Media Conference in Sheffield 3 and 4 July. This year the excellent CMC attracted over 1,000 visitors. A summary of our talk can be found here

FK&Y team outing to London Zoo

To celebrate a very busy and successful year so far we decided that a visit to the zoo was called for. London Zoo is just 10 minutes from our Marylebone office.

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Article on the use of Tablets in School

Barbie Clarke’s article on the use of Tablets in schools has been published in The Children’s Media Yearbook 2004, published July 2014. See article here.

Do children and teens sometimes think they are addicted to the internet?

Our research for Tablets for Schools interviewed over 3,500 young people aged 11-17. Using their feedback, FK&Y researchers Beth Hitchenor and Siv Svanaes have compiled a charter, for young people by young people, with sound recommendations on prudent use of the internet. The report and charter can be downloaded here. The Tablets for Schools research has been widely covered in the media including The Guardian, The Times and The Mail. Tablets for Schools’s Mary Palmer and FK&Y’s Dr Barbie Clarke were interviewed live on BBC Radio London’s Breakfast Show about the research (Mary: 32 minutes in; Barbie: 1 hour 32 minutes in).

FK&Y appointed by Youth United

FK&Y has been appointed by Youth United as the evaluators to the Youth Social Action – Journey Fund. The contract runs from April for 12 months. Research results are to be reported to the Cabinet Office. FK&Y is delighted to be part of this exciting project. Youth United

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