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Jack Taylor, a newly qualified teacher, sent this inspiring feedback about our research to Tablets for Schools

… Tablets For Schools’ research on the impact of Tablets in the classroom is just beyond incredible. Everyone inside and outside of education should see this report…. I shall be sharing this research with my colleagues from my PGCE last year and encouraging them to share it at their schools. The sooner this is read by more and more teachers, head teachers and IT Departments, the better.

The verbatim comments and quotes from students, staff and parents alike were eye opening, real, honest and hugely positive. The majority made me nod my head in agreement and some even made me say ‘wow’…. Thank you for confirming that the future is bright for our education establishments.

Jack Taylor
Drama Teacher

Our research report Stage 2 can now be downloaded from the Tablets for Schools website.

See Press Report

Tablets for Schools Pedagogy stream

The Pedagogy stream met at our offices in Marylebone to discuss the next stage of Tablets for Schools research and to review the upcoming App.

Barbie visits colleagues at IKEA

Barbie visits colleagues at IKEA, Sweden, to present ‘Living with Children’. An amazing and inspiring experience as always.

Dinosaur Summit

Family Kids and Youth moderates the second ‘Dinosaur Summit’, discussing all things dinosaur with an larger than ever team.

FK&Y has published Stage 2 research findings from the Tablets for Schools research.

The report has been peer reviewed by our Pedagogy Advisors, including Professor Colleen Mclaughlin, University of Cambridge and University of Sussex, and Professor David Buckingham, University of Loughborough. Results show that it does not work to merely give Tablets to each child to use in school and at home. Schools need to have committed leadership and ‘device champions’ amongst staff and pupils to demonstrate the capability of the device. Professional development linked to the school’s chosen pedagogical objectives is essential. Advice on infrastructure, insurance, covers, and content is needed. For full results see here.

BACP publishes report on the effectiveness of counselling for children and young people

Dr Barbie Clarke co-wrote the literature review with colleagues at the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge: Professor Colleen McLaughlin, Dr Carol Holliday and Sonia Illie. The report, which considers the importance of therapeutic support for children and young people, reviewed 517 papers. ‘Research on counselling and psychotherapy with children and young people’ Report

Training in Research Methodology at Honywood School

FK&Y is working with Honywood School, Coggeshall, Essex to train 32 young people from Years 7,8,9 and 10 in research methodology. A workshop was held at the school at which young people designed a questionnaire, and learnt ways in which to run a focus group. We look forward to working with our Honywood Researchers for the rest of this term.

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