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Dr Barbie Clarke from Family Kids & Youth and Magnus Thyvesson from Children’s IKEA will be presenting at the MRS Kids and Youth Insight Conference this January about how IKEA puts children at the centre of design.

Children’s IKEA was launched 20 years ago, and it takes children and their lives very seriously, putting them at the centre of everything it does. Family Kids & Youth has worked closely with IKEA since 2009 and most recently set up a panel of children aged 8-14 from around the world to learn more about the everyday lives, interests, hopes and dreams of children in this age group.

Having the panel work closely with Children’s IKEA allows for co-creation and instant feedback, and a deeper understanding of how children think and behave. The findings of the research informs and inspires the 80-strong Children’s IKEA team, helping them to develop and deliver innovative new products that have children at their heart.

FK&Y and Children’s IKEA will be discussing the IKEA Kids’ Advisory Panel at the Kids and Youth Insights Conference which takes places in London on 25th January 2018.

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