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A report from the Commission on Young Lives argues that there should no longer be permanent exclusions in primary schools by 2026. Chaired by Anne Longfield, the former Children’s Commissioner, the report states “Over recent years, we have seen the growth of an exclusions culture that perversely rewards removing some vulnerable children from the school roll”.  The Commission has said children falling through gaps in the education system is “putting them at risk not only of low attainment but also serious violence, county lines, criminal exploitation, grooming and harm”.  Department for Education figures show that the number of young people falling out of the school system has risen over the last ten years. The report calls for accountability and off-rolling to be transparent in annual figures, along with exclusions.  The inclusion of school performance tables that assess pupil wellbeing is also advised. The report says that these measures would work to reduce the number of children that fall out of the school system altogether, which contributes to what the report refers to as “the culture of exclusion.” Read more here.

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