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Hello, well we are nearly in Week 9 of lockdown, and time seems to be going very quickly. I thought it might be only dogs that are feeling that, but the FK&Y team thought so also when we had our Teams catch-up this morning. They are getting super-fit, cycling, running, yoga, walking.

So what have I been doing? Well I’ve written this questionnaire, with the help of some of my young human friends (thank you those of you who have helped). It is about how young people feel about being in lockdown, and what they are doing.

Please pass the link on to anyone you know who has a child aged 0-17. Parents can help younger children, and all responses are anonymous. I’ll write up results in my next blog.

Apart from that I’ve been relaxing quite a bit (see below). And I’m still loving my walks – this morning it was beautiful, cold, frosty and really sunny. I saw an otter last week, and one morning 2 Canada Geese were walking beside us for about 10 minutes!

Me relaxing

Hope you all have a good weekend, please pass on the questionnaire to anyone you know with a child 0-17, thank you!

Much love

Digby X

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Family Kids & Youth – what we are doing during Coronavirus lockdown

We are continuing to carry out our UK and international research with children, teens and parents but have switched all this online and to our apps. Our qualitative research is filmed and our mini groups, depth interviews and focus groups are proving to be a great success. Children and young people are totally at home speaking online and are extremely vocal, even on the most sensitive of topics. Parents are appreciating the ‘group effect’ of online video conferencing.

Our resourceful team at FK&Y has been home-based since Monday 16 March and our regular catch-ups on Microsoft Teams ensure we all know what each other is doing! We’d like to thank our clients, our suppliers and of course our research participants for being so encouraging and so supportive.

We have compiled lists of organisations that offer help on home-schooling, child behaviour, and anxiety and mental health. Please contact me if you wish to receive this list.

Wishing all our clients, colleagues and friends our very best wishes! Dr Barbie.

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