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The annual education monitoring report from the United Nation’s education agency, UNESCO, has revealed that 264 million young people do not have access to primary or secondary school. The report suggests that this figure could in fact be even higher, estimating an undercount of 250 million in household surveys across developing countries and the likelihood of another 100 million outside the reach of official statistics, including those living as illegal immigrants in wealthier countries. This year’s report focuses on accountability but also highlights that holding governments accountable for failing to deliver education services depends on accurate knowledge of the number needing support. As a result, international goals to cut illiteracy and increase access to schools do not recognise the full scale of the problem, leaving no one held accountable for protecting the rights of the “invisible” millions. Education has also received a declining share of aid budgets for six successive years, with former education ministers calling for a greater commitment to aid for education. Read more here.

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