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Post Brexit vote, a primary school in the UK aims to tackle racism

A charity, Show Racism the Red Card, led an anti-racism day at Sacred Heart primary school in Hartlepool with 5-6 year olds. Justine King, an education worker with the charity, explained that Hartlepool has one of the lowest proportions of ethnic minorities in the UK. Following the Brexit vote, the attitudes of people in the region have shifted, leading to an increase in the expression of racist views. Hartlepool is just an example and since…
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US research shows that the detrimental effects of bullying can last into early adulthood

Research from the USA has found that the impact of experiencing bullying as a child can have effects reaching into early adulthood. The study of 480 undergraduate students measured exposure to various traumatic experiences, such as bullying, cyberbullying, robbery, sexual assault and violence from birth to 17. Experiencing bullying as a child was the strongest predictor in the study of students reporting symptoms of PTSD. Females who had experienced bullying reported significantly higher levels of…
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Teenagers burn less calories while resting

A recent study published in the International Journal of Diabetes has revealed that teenagers burn 25% less energy when they are resting compared to the energy burnt at age 10 while resting. Researchers at the University of Exeter Medical School found that the number of calories burnt by teenagers at resting point falls dramatically during puberty. At around age 16, calories burnt at rest began to rise again. During puberty, researchers observed a noticeable reduction…
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Girls may perform better at school than boys – but is there an emotional cost?

A recent UK study has revealed that despite achieving better grades than boys, girls are less happy than boys on average when at school. 1,500 students from 29 primary and secondary schools in Wales were asked about their experiences at school for the past three years, with the aim to discover differences between how boys and girls view their time at school. Although girls perceived school and staff in a positive light, 25% said that…
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An Australian study has shown that virtual parenting programmes fail to prevent teenage pregnancy

Research from Australia has looked at the outcomes of pregnancies amongst girls who take part in virtual infant parenting (VIP). In many countries across the world, the use of automated dolls is used to teach young teens about life with an infant. The aim is to discourage teenage pregnancy, however the research shows that VIP programmes may actually have the opposite effect. The Australian study was the first randomized control trial of the effectiveness of…
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The disparity between university places among men and women continues to grow

With A-level results day this week in the UK, it’s becoming clear that there is a growing trend in the gap between girls’ and boys’ results and university places. Women outnumber men in going to university. The BBC points out that, as university places are often decided by A-level results, girls out-performing boys at those exams means that the imbalance is not a surprise, especially considering that 55% of pupils sitting A-level exams are female….
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The Church of England is reportedly aiming to open one quarter of the government’s proposed 500 new free schools

The government has pledged to open 500 free schools before 2020. The Church of England is reportedly aiming to open a quarter of these. This proportion of new schools would maintain the current ratio of one in four free schools in England that are C of E. Over a million children in the UK attend the 4,417 primary and 209 C of E secondary schools in England. Stephen Conway, the Bishop of Ely is quoted…
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Falling numbers of UK children and young people receiving treatment from mental health trusts

Figures from Pulse, obtained under freedom of information legislation, have been released. Data from 15 mental health trusts in the UK has revealed the number of under 18s, referred for help from child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS), who are not receiving it. The data has highlighted the lack of treatment that young people and children are receiving for mental health problems. Across England 61% of under 18 year olds referred for help from…
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A new UK study set to test the impact of ‘growth mindset’ in schools

The Education Endowment Foundation has commissioned a project that seeks to examine the effect of teaching growth mindset to 10 and 11 year olds in the UK. The term “growth mindset” was coined by American Psychologist Carol Dweck, and is the belief that “intelligence is not a fixed characteristic and can be increased through effort.” It focuses on attainment, self-management and the process of learning from one’s own mistakes. Academic Sherria Hoskins explains “Expectations change…
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The use of therapy dogs to treat stress in school is on the rise

There are a growing number of schools and universities offering dog therapy to stressed-out students and teachers. In the US, retired professor Mary Jalongo and her Indiana-based therapy dog group started their crusade three years ago at her old university. She is now leading a team of therapy dog handlers as they travel from campus to campus to try and lower students’ anxiety levels. For teenagers in the UK, the charity Dogs Helping Kids (DHK)…
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