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Exploring the incidence of postnatal depression amongst fathers

While there appears to be both information and resources for mothers experiencing postnatal depression (PND), it is estimated that as many as 1 in 10 fathers also experience depression in the first year after the birth of their baby. Stigmas around mental health and the stereotypes surrounding pregnancy-related issues (especially in heterosexual couples) have led experts to believe that the number men suffering with depression one year after birth may well exceed 10%. Fathers may…
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Younger generations shrugging off retirement savings

Young people the world over have endured a number of recent events previously considered ‘once in a lifetime’ – This is coupled with the 2008 financial crises, affecting Millennials. Living through such experiences has made many from the Millennial and Gen Z cohort question what their future may hold, and if there will be a future for them at all. As recently reported by the New York Times, in the US are choosing to spend…
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Taking a break from social media might help one’s mental health

Adults between the ages of 18 and 72 who use social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok and Twitter daily found that a one week break from platforms saw improvements in their wellbeing. The study, published in May in the journal Cyberpsychology, Behaviour and Social Networking was conducted by researchers at the University of Bath. Over 150 participants were recruited and subsequently split into an intervention or control group. At the beginning of the…
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5-year-olds show reading skills can be taught in a virtual environment

Research from the University of Washington’s Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences has found that young children can learn key reading skills in virtual learning environments alongside other children their age. The study consisted of a reading programme that lasted two weeks in an online reading camp, with 83 5-year-old children taking part in the study, and a control group of 33 children who did not take part. The reading programmes took place over Zoom,…
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UK Digital Poverty Alliance announces new funding to help support teachers

New funding for teachers from the Digital Poverty Alliance, Barclays Bank, Intel and the Learning Foundation has been announced to help tackle digital poverty. The campaign, Tech4Teachers, aims to provide 550 devices to teachers who do not have sufficient access to the internet, allowing teaching staff to give greater support to over 20,000 students across many disadvantaged communities. Alongside the devices, an online space will be made available for teachers who are a part of the…
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Children’s Mental Health Week

To mark this year’s 8th annual Children’s Mental Health Week, children’s counselling service charity, Place2Be, has joined forces with BAFTA Kids to produce two online assemblies for primary and secondary school audiences in the UK. Place2Be Ambassador Josh Smith speaks to various guests including Paralympic gold medallist Andy Lewis, actor Jacob Anderson and dancer Oti Mabuse, with a special message from Olivia Coleman in both assemblies. The theme ‘Growing Together’ was chosen to encourage children…
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New research strengthens link between the gut microbiome and behavioural development

New research suggests that there is a connection between gut health and behaviour development. 260 children took part in the study, with parents  providing gut health samples when their children were 6 weeks, 1 year and 2 years old. At 3 years parents completed a Behavioural Assessment System for Children to assess behavioural development. The research team recruited the 206 children from the New Hampshire Birth Cohort Study. The aim of this research was to…
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Genetics plays role in children’s academic success

In a UCL study of almost 40,000 pairs of parents and children, it was found that a child’s educational success depends on both the genes that they have inherited from their parents, as well as the genes they have not. Parents pass on traits through nature and nurture, leaving children with an intertwined mix of both; a child’s lifestyle can affect their grades. This concept is referred to as ‘genetic nurture’ in which parental genes…
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World Health Organisation calls on governments to stop sale of e-cigarettes to teens

The WHO is concerned that tobacco companies are luring in non-smokers with their vaping products, many of whom are underage. They argue that by strengthening legislation across the world, young people can be further protected from harm. The WHO is also concerned that vaping products are acting as an entry point into the world of cigarettes, which do contain tobacco. A new study found that young people who have vaped are more than twice as…
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Average age of first unsupervised play outside is increasing for British children

Results from a recent survey suggest that children in Britain are first playing outside unsupervised up to two years later than their parent’s generation. The British Children’s Play Survey spoke to over 1,900 parents of children aged five to eleven about their children’s time spent playing. The survey shows children are most likely to be aged eleven when they first play outside without adult supervision. On average their parents were aged nine for the same…
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